Oakleaf Restaurant

Project Scope:

Oakleaf is a new restaurant in Pittsboro, North Carolina and serves seasonal, progressive cuisine with French and Italian influences and small production wines in an historic, stylish setting. The restaurant is located just down the hallway from the Hobbs Architects office in the historic Chatham Mills textile complex. Chatham Mills was constructed in the mid 1920s and operated as a woven silk label mill for 70 years, during which time it became the largest silk label mill in the world.

The design incorporates a minimalist approach that does not compete, but rater compliments, the exposed heavy timber framed heart pine trusses that soar 25′ above the floor. Large metal framed windows line heavy brick walls on both the northern and southern sides of the space, bathing the reclaimed heart pine floors www.baba.com in natural light. The public and private spaces are separated by a reclaimed zinc paneled wall that organizes the overall spaces with a modern design element, reduces the scale of the full height walls, and provides a backdrop to the heavy timber construction that dominates the overall aesthetic. The zinc is coated with a patina that produces a modeled finish and transforms the wall into a work of art.

More information on the Oakleaf can be found at www.oakleafnc.com.

Size: 2,778
Location: Pittsboro, NC
Completed: 2012

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