Moonshine Cabin

Project Scope:

This project began as an abandoned cabin on a rural farm in Chatham County, North Carolina.

Upon selective demolition, a jar of moonshine was found; hence the project name.  The clients desired a secluded weekend retreat that engaged the site and environment through outdoor spaces and large windows.  The design is rooted in the rocky outcroppings of the site and uses natural materials, recycled pine flooring, and on-site stone to create an understated elegance.

The cabin and kitchen addition were fully renovated, with a sunroom, laundry room, and master suite constructed as an addition.  The majority of the house is hidden on the approach, greeting visitors with the original simple facade.  The addition is only revealed as one enters the house and proceeds through the spaces. Each room leads easily into the next, with a gradient from public spaces in the front to private spaces in the rear.  The “chinking” in the cabin walls as well as the original fireplace was totally replaced.  The masonry pier at the rear stairwell was faced with on-site stone to match the original chimney, and an outdoor shower was constructed on the rear slope of the house.

The cabin now has a new lease on life that respects its past and celebrates its future.

Size: Original Cabin: + 600 sq feet on two levels/ Addition and Renovation: + 800 sq feet
Location: Chatham County, NC
Completed: 2016
General Contractor: Blueline Contracting

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