Chatham Studio

Project Scope:

This 1,000 square foot studio space for a Chatham County artist echoes the rural character of its surroundings. The design is a reinterpretation of the numerous ‘pole barns’ that dot the landscape throughout the area. Special attention has been given to the northern orientation of the clerestory windows that will provide ample amounts of diffuse natural light ideal for painting. Furthermore, large overhangs on the south face of the building will provide a shaded porch and prevent any glare from direct sunlight. A shop space is included on the north side of the building, as well as a covered area for parking the owner’s tractor. It’s setting, on the edge of an idealic pasture and adjacent to the owner’s home, provides sweeping views of the landscape and is framed by the large south facing windows.

Size: 950
Location: Chatham County
Completed: 2012

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