Chatham House II

Project Scope:

This 2,300 square foot house is located in the center of a 7 acre site above a 200 year old mill pond. The fully wooded site slopes west sharply to the pond which provides a good southern exposure and spectacular views to the mill pond below. The design of the house was organized around the views and the solar orientation.

The owners wanted a smaller house with an open interior plan and extended exterior spaces for living outside in good weather. Energy efficiency, eco-friendly materials, passive solar measures, and natural light are equally important elements in the design. The simple form is rectangular with a single shed roof which slopes to the north. A second horizontal roof supported by cantilevered glue-laminated beams cuts across the south side and west end to create an extended covered porch and car port. The open porch extends the full length of the south side and extends beyond to the west to provide a perch to enjoy the views to the forest and to the mill pond which is approximately 50 feet below. Approximately half of the house is supported above the sloped site on wood columns which minimizes site disturbance.

The interior includes two bedrooms and two baths on the first floor with a loft/bedroom on a second level that is open to the main level of the house. The living area is 19 feet at the highest point and extends the full length of the house through the loft. The kitchen and dining area is included in the open living area which encompasses approximately half the total floor area of the house. A screened porch connects to the living area on the north side.

Heating and air conditioning is provided by a high SEER heat pump with a section of the house heated by a radiant floor system. Windows are some of the highest efficiency available with low e coating. Insulation is 6” of sprayed foam in walls, roof and areas of floor above the wood columns. The crawl space is insulated and tempered. The house will have an Energy Star rating.

Anchorage Building Corporation is building the house and is taking a leadership role in energy conservation measures and recycling during construction.

Size: 2,300
Location: Pittsboro, North Carolina
Completed: 2008

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