Chatham House I

Project Scope:

This house was designed as a modern interpretation of the rural vernacular tobacco barns found throughout North Carolina. Simple building forms and common building materials are utilized to create a restrained and contextual design that incorporates modern design strategies and principles. Numerous energy efficient features – including passive solar east-west site orientation, radiant heat concrete slab flooring, skylight day lighting, spray foam insulated walls and roofs, and high efficiency windows – are utilized as sustainable design strategies that will allow for Energy Star certification. The house was also designed on a grid module that will minimize material waste during construction. The floor plan has three distinct zones – public (south), private (south), and utility (north) – that divide the spaces based on solar orientation and function. This house is a home to a family of four.

Size: 2,900
Location: Pittsboro, North Carolina
Completed: 2008

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