Chatham County Department of Social Services

Project Scope:

This building was designed to meet the 20-year needs of the Chatham County Department of Social Services and consists of a 22,000 sq ft addition to the 9,000 sq ft existing DSS building. Spaces include administrative and staff offices, as well as public and departmental meeting areas. Design emphasis was placed natural lighting for all interior spaces, a flexible floor plan, and building/site plan based on solar orientation.

The original building’s form is grounded in the vernacular farm structures of rural North Carolina. As such, design emphasis was placed on not competing with the original structure, but rather complimenting it with its modern counterpart. The slope of the site and a retaining wall are employed to control scale and create balance between the two buildings, the sum of their parts working together to create a unified whole.

Size: 31,000
Location: Pittsboro, North Carolina
Completed: 2008

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